Moments, bodies, memories are fading. You will fail to recall what you saw, what you heard, sometimes even what you did. But did you ever forget how someone made you feel?


In her delicate paintings and large-sized charcoal drawings, Marie Genicot (°1993) explores a variety of human emotions. She regards emotions not just as a mirror of the soul, but also as a power and uniqueness to paint her personal journey and stories. To capture this myriad of feelings, she works with various media ranging from oil painting, over watercolors, cyanotypes, to unique techniques of the Flemish Primitives and craftmanship.

From the age of 10, her youthful curiosity and creative explorations led her to picture her own sensitivity and express her emotions through art. Marie studied Fashion Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp. Later on, she refined her painting skills. While achieving a Master Degree in History of Art, she decided to follow and trust her dream. Marie established her own atelier. A large panel of people were immediately attracted and captivated by her subjects and particular style. Her audience is impressed by the mysterious, fragile and intimate aspects of her work.

Marie's paintings and drawings face the spectator with familiar emotions. But emotions that are often challenging to express. Delicate portraits and scenes invite to a confrontation with the inner self. They are a dialogue. A dialogue between the spectator and the depicted. A dialogue between the spectator and his/her soul. A dialogue between all of us.

Her work is a quest for that precious soul, and for what will remain of us and will be kept alive after we leave our physical bodies. As we will continue to live on in others, and as others continue to live on in us, it is a tribute to what brings us all together and creates unity.