I am Marie, 30 years old, painter, mother, but above all very sensitive soul. From the age of 10, I firmly knew I was brought to this world to convey beauty and emotion. I have been doing this with devotion through my art, my paintings, my ceramics ever since.

At an emotionally challenging moment in my life, I "accidently" attended a Wim Hof Method workshop. That day, a whole new world opened for me. New, but at the same time it felt so familiar. Without expectations and with an open mind, I literally let the power of the method take over, and realized that everything I needed to be strong, happy and healthy was already inside of me.

In very little time, the method brought tranquility in my life, and a deep sense of trust in the future. The cold gave me the chance to understand that my body hosts a very strong life force, meant to be here. As a very sensitive person, the breath helped me to canalize my emotions, to let all the feelings I have in my heart flow and to feel peace.


For me, the Wim Hof Method is part of my mission of bringing more beauty and emotion to this world. I like to compare the method to a painting: it brings the beauty from inside the artist, the practitioner, to the outside, through glow, emotions, energy. Through just being, in this moment. The method conveys a message, a feeling, from heart to heart. It unlocks an innate potential, a teacher inside of each practitioner. For more than 12 years, I have been conveying emotions and reconnecting people with their feelings through my paintings. I feel the same sensitivity is needed to pass on Wim's message of love, strength and happiness. As I feel the benefits of the method myself, every single day, I look forward to pass it on to you with a sense of trust, safety and know-how.

When Wim Hof told me "now it is your turn to save lives", this was the ultimate confirmation of the strong inner fire burning in me. As "a life that touches others goes on forever” is really what powers my existence on earth.

"Love is the bridge between you and everything." - Rumi