• Less stress
  • Better sleep
  • More time for yourself with simple tools
  • An inner getaway, always present
  • Improved mood
  • More energy and better performance
  • Stronger immunity

For more than 45 years, Wim Hof has been training his body in extreme conditions to find out that nature’s elements are there for us to dig into our deep physiology and to create resilience.

After receiving numerous Guinness World Records, his practice was investigated by science to discover that we are able to influence our autonomous nervous system and innate immune system with very simple tools.

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The breath is our life force. It is the tool to go deep inside ourselves and to make a change. Breathing has a direct emotional, physiological and psychological impact, and we can learn how to influence those systems.

The WHM breathing gets you to a natural state of being better inside by improving your blood flow, your energy levels, your metabolism, your immunity, increasing your consciousness and lowering anxiety.


The cold is a teacher: it teaches you to use the power of your mind. In a comfortable society where we have lost this connection, it is a wonderful tool for a healthy mental and physical body.

The cold boosts your energy, diminishes pain and creates resilience, releases happy hormones, strengthens your immunity, trains your cardiovascular system and improves your mental health by feeling your capacity to transcend limits.


The WHM focusses on a shift of mindset: from avoidance to growth.

From fear to trust. When we believe in our ability to face discomfort, we are able to face so much more.

From thinking to feeling. What is life expecting from your true, authentic self, instead of conditioning?

Together we get in touch again with this incredible potential we all hold inside, in order to optimize the way we approach life.

“The cold made me instantly understand from the inside. When you feel it, you feel it. It’s like falling in love. It requires no explanation.” - Wim Hof

"Are we approaching or are we avoiding?" - Wim Hof